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HashiTek Solutions is a global business transformation solutions provider specialized in a wide array of services including; CCTV/Video surveillance, access control, web and mobile app design/development, network security and telecom systems. According to your business needs and budget our team of experts can advise you the best possible solution .

  • Security Solutions – Ensuring security is built into everything we do

  • A Wide Spectrum Of Skills And Experience – From physical security to network security to web development

  • Commitment to Quality – HashiTek strives to meet the highest quality standards. Our products and services are backed by qualified, knowledgeable staff
  • Ongoing Support Services – HashiTek offers support to take care of you after you have gone live with your new system


By adopting the latest technology innovations we are pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for our clients. HashiTek Solutions recognizes that in today’s fast paced environment you need tools that work faster, perform better, and can scale with your business


How do CCTV IP Cameras work?

What is an IP Camera? An Internet Protocol Camera, commonly referred to as an IP camera, is a digital video camera much like a webcam. It transmits and receives data over a network or the internet. Unlike an ordinary webcam, it is a standalone unit with its own IP address that requires nothing more than a network connection in order to transfer images.


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