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How do CCTV IP Cameras work?

What is an IP Camera? An Internet Protocol Camera, commonly referred to as an IP camera, is a digital video camera much like a webcam. It transmits and receives data over a network or the internet. Unlike an ordinary webcam, it is a standalone unit with its own IP address that requires nothing more than a network connection in order to transfer images.

What is Access Control?

Access Control is a way of controlling and regulating who has access to a building, when they have access and where they have access to. HashiTek access control systems will help to create a safer environment for your building, reduce walk-in thefts, and discourages uninvited visitors. It will protect your building whilst controlling and recording the movement of staff and visitors across single or multiple sites.

Why is it important to have a website?

With the world becoming more digital, having a website has become a necessity for businesses both big and small. A website not only gives you a tool to market your business to a wider audience it also enables your business to establish credibility and gives your business a strong digital presence.


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